Missing the old days

23 11 2009

On my way home a few days ago, I came across this (will attach a picture).

Boy did this curious thing bring back memories for me and my siblings.

It was one of our favourites.

It still is, just that we don’t see it very often these days.

Anyone else seen this before?


Food oh lovely food

17 11 2009

Thought we could try some lovely curry, we went to check out Zam Zam at Arab Street. At the entrance was an Indian gentleman who welcomed us into the open aired restaurant. I remembered once it joined in a charity event, giving out about 300 packets of Nasi Byrani for FREE! (please forgive if spelt wrongly)
We went to the 2nd floor, up the old wooden staircase slowly. Only to find a cozy area with tables and chairs. The place was air conditioned and the sun was nice and warm.
Not knowing what to order, I kept looking at the menus which were pasted on the walls, one side showed the types of prata they had, the other showed the types of curry and rice etc. In front of me was a smaller menu on drinks. We ordered a chicken byrani and a mutton mutarbak. Both dishes were great! I’ll post up pictures to show. The curry was a little different thou. Hmm

Walkabout @ Little India

9 11 2009

We walked.

Freedom with a price

31 10 2009

And so it begins…

I mean began. How time really flies, it has really been a blink of an eye, both left and right. Okay, maybe more than just a few million blinks. But you’d understand the phrase right? Time really passes by quickly, it has been 3 years already.

Yes I have finished my bond of 3 years and I must say I have made more friends since then.

So much has changed, people coming and leaving me in my life.

A friend died, my sister went overseas to study my seniors left me, new juniors have joined me. My dear nc left and a new force joined us.

It is time though… Time to move on.

I’m gonna miss them all………

Guess whats wrong here?

23 10 2009

Heading back from rt, I noticed a commonly used item has become futuristic hmmm now how does this work? I asked myself. As I tried to manipulate it, my friend comes in to aid me, he presses the button.. I then looked at him and gave a (‘ ‘)” expression. You’ll see why. Check out the picture.


18 10 2009

I have been tied up with work over the last few days that I have no time to update my blog here, hmm I wonder if anyone is even reading this or is this just for my own entertainment.


What a nice day to just lie and relax

15 10 2009

General human population are always on the move, so much so that they don’t have the time to slow down and look around, appreciate life and it’s surroundings, God’s beauty and His creations. So, i did that and guess what I got?

See the picture and you will know.